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Why Choose Sensible?

1. Reliable

For 28 years we have provided reliable, responsive, and cost-effective IT support for small business in Southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 28 years is a long time... so we must be doing something right!

2. Personal

At Sensible we believe  that the relationships we have created with our customers over the years has been the secret to our success. From work we have created honest friendships with our customers, and that is why we boast our prompt & friendly support.

3. Responsive

Our team of experts allows us to be incredibly responsive. When our customers are in a crisis, we get boots on the ground as soon as possible. When customers are in serious need we are usually there within an hour!

4. Transparent

Unlike many IT companies, we require no contracts. We believe that our service speaks for itself, and if you are unhappy with our service, then you have the right to find a new IT provider.

5. Experienced

With 28 years of experience, we've come to learn a thing or two. If you need help with your computers, phones, network, security, data backup, wiring,  or E-Mail, then give us a call. We offer complete IT support at honest & cost-effective prices.

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