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Cost-Effective Modern Phone Systems

Low Cost of Entry


Getting a complete new phone system can run a company thousands of dollars. Our phone systems start at a low cost of entry and often times, the phones are free! Some customers have even had phone systems installed for less than $500!

Virtual Fax

Our phone systems come with a free virtual fax service that eliminate the need for fax machines and fax lines. With vFax, faxing now becomes as easy as sending an e-mail. 


Flex Systems

Our phone systems make it easy to grow when you grow. Simply adding a line and a new phone to a previously installed phone system is no longer a headache with our flexible phone systems.


Go Anywhere

Take your business phones with you. With our phones, simply install the app on your phone. And your mobile phone will ring as if it were your office phone. Incoming and outgoing calls will go directly to your cell!


Set up and install your own voice menu system. Simply record your menu and we can set up an auto attendant to help route your calls throughout your office.


Shared Lines

If you are looking to keep you bill extra low. We allow two users to share the same extensions. Only pay for one line and two phones can share the same line!


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